試験科目:Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
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NO.1 What describes the Black Market Peso Exchange money laundering method?
A. A method used to smuggle dollars or pesos across that border from the U.S. to Mexico, and
B. An undercover technique to identify politically exposed persons who may assist moneylaunderers
C. A method primarily used by narcotics traffickers to transfer value back to the source country
D. The best known money laundering method used by known terrorists
Answer: C

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NO.2 What are three factors a financial institution should examine with regard to a new customer
who is opening up a new account? Choose 3 answers
A. The previous financial institutions where the customer has banked
B. The legal structure of the customer's business
C. The type and size of the business the customer runs
D. The country or location where the customer is from or does business
Answer: A,B,C


NO.3 What is the result of an increased awareness of the potential for gatekeepers to assist in money
laundering in recent years?
A. The IMF has raised the profile of gatekeepers, requiring that countries regulate them
B. The FATF recommendations cover lawyers performing financial transactions
C. Lawyers who represent money launderers can more easily be prosecuted
D. Accountants are no longer considered gatekeepers, since they are not permitted to set
upcompanies or trusts
Answer: C

NO.4 What are three elements of a sound Customer Due Diligence Program?
A. Determination of what type of customer the financial institution will accept
B. Determination of who in the institution should be assigned to the prospective customer as aliaison
C. Obtaining date of birth and address of a prospective customer
D. Training as to how and to what extent to identify prospective customers
Answer: A,C,D

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